New School Year Means More Police to Monitor School Zones

PITTSBURGH, PA (August 20, 2019) -- Pittsburgh Public Schools and other schools will welcome students back next week, meaning drivers need to exercise caution with the increase in kids traveling to and from school.

To do our part in keeping our children safe, Pittsburgh Police will begin the new school year with a two week enforcement campaign during which every school zone will see strict enforcement periods in the morning and when school lets out.

In addition, PBP officers will meet with Crossing Guards to prepare for the new year and to discuss any concerns that may have arisen last school year. Lastly, Police will also ensure that the flashing school zone signs, parking signs, and timing lines are all operational.

Most students return to school on Monday, Aug. 26, with the exception of 10th and 11th grade students, who start on Aug. 27, and Kindergarten students, who start on Aug. 29. The enforcement period will begin next week as well.

During the two-week morning and evening traffic enforcement, officers will actively look for and ticket motorists who pass a school bus with its red lights activated or who speed in school zones.

The fine for passing a school bus with red lights activated is $250 plus $117.50 in court costs and state mandated fees; 5 points assessed to their license; and a 60-day driver’s license suspension.

The fine for speeding in a marked school zone is $35 plus 117.50 in court costs and state mandated fees for up to 5 mph over the speed limit; $35 plus 117.50 in court costs and state mandated fees plus $2 per mile over the limit for six to 11 mph over the speed limit; and $500 plus $117.50 in court costs and state mandated fees for more than 11 mph over the speed limit.

Additionally, police ask drivers dropping off and picking up students to know and comply with each schools’ policies for such activities. Drivers are also asked to follow parking restrictions on neighborhood streets while dropping off and picking up children.

Slow down. Be attentive. Protect our students. PBP thanks everyone for doing their part.




Chris Togneri
Public Information Officer
Public Safety