Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Announces Temporary Changes at Fire Station 8

PITTSBURGH, PA (August 27, 2019) -- Beginning Thursday, August 29, 2019, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire will temporarily close Fire Station 8, located at 161 N. Euclid Avenue in East Liberty, for necessary repairs. 

Due to an ongoing structural issue in the station's hose tower, 8 Engine, Battalion 3, and 8 Truck, along with all Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire personnel housed in the station, will be moved to different stations while the rehabilitation takes place.

The following shifts will occur:

- Battalion 3 will move to Fire Station 7 in Stanton Heights, located at 4603 Stanton Avenue

- 8 Truck will be housed at 18 Engine, located at 5858 Northumberland Street in Squirrel Hill

- 8 Engine will shift to 15 Engine in Lincoln-Larimer at 7024 Lemington Avenue

To ensure seamless service, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire will also be adding an additional truck to be housed at Station 7 in Stanton Heights. 

By diffusing personnel and vehicles between three temporary locations, residents who are currently served by Fire Station 8 will have uninterrupted service and those neighborhoods helping to house them will not be overburdened during this transitory period.

Fire Station 8 will not function as a working fire house during repairs. There is no immediate timeline for completion of the work.  

The Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire would like to thank residents in all of these areas for their patience and understanding while these necessary repairs are performed for their safety and the safety of our firefighters. 





Cara Cruz
Assistant Public Information Officer
Public Safety