Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS Holds Swearing-in and Promotions Ceremony

PITTSBURGH, PA (March 9, 2020) - On Monday, March 9, the Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS held a swearing-in and promotions ceremony in City of Pittsburgh Council Chambers.

Six new paramedics were sworn in, while two paramedics were promoted to the position of crew chief. 

Alexander Atkinson, Ian Leong, Ken Long, Isaac Nadoff, Jennifer Pollock, and Michael Simcic were sworn in as new paramedics, while Fred Caprio II and Christy Zalewski were promoted and sworn in as crew chiefs.

EMS Chief Ronald Romano congratulated the group and acknowledged the role of their families and friends in helping them perform their jobs at an elite level.

"Thank you for being here for them and supporting them in the work they do for the citizens of Pittsburgh. I thank you for sharing them with us and understanding when they miss a family event because they are out helping someone else," said Romano. He also thanked the EMS crews who were out on the streets working so the paramedics and crew chiefs could be sworn in today.

Associate Medical Director Dr. Vince Mosesso of Pittsburgh EMS recognized the new paramedics and those promoted to crew chief, noting that just four decades ago, the men and women of Pittsburgh EMS were pioneers in what was a new and emerging field of emergency medical services. 

"Today the men and women of Pittsburgh EMS are leaders on the forefront of a new evolution in EMS. Today we recognize that EMS sits at the intersection of public safety, public health and healthcare. There is an increasing appreciation of the role of EMS in an integrated healthcare system," said Mosesso. 

Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich reminded the new paramedics and crew chiefs that they represent the City, that they should treat patients the way they would treat their own family members, and to always take time for themselves and their families.

Before administering the oath of office, Hissrich acknowledged that the group, along with the entire Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS, could, in the coming weeks, be on the front lines of a new challenge with the coronavirus. 

Hissrich said, "As we go down that path, we will learn day to day things that we should have done, or that we do correctly, for people who follow us who may be in the same situation. For that, ahead of time, I thank you. It may very well entail being away from your families more than what you expected when you signed up." 









Cara Cruz
Assistant Public Information Officer
Public Safety


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