Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Holds Promotions Ceremony

PITTSBURGH, PA (March 12, 2020) – The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police held a promotions ceremony today in the City of Pittsburgh Council Chambers.

Four sergeants were promoted to the rank of lieutenant, while three officers were promoted to the rank of sergeant.

Istvan Devenyi, Eric Kroll, Thomas Gault and Philip Mercurio were promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

Jonathan Craig, Jordan Loscar and Brian Marckisotto were promoted to the rank of sergeant.

Police Chief Scott Schubert acknowledged the hard work and dedication the officers have put in over the years and thanked them for taking this next step in their careers.

“You’ve given yourself to the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and to this calling of being a police officer," Schubert said. "These are tough times. It’s not an easy job. There’s a lot of stress, there’s a lot of danger, but each day you get up and put your uniform on and you go out and help the residents of the City of Pittsburgh and the people who are visiting our city.

"The officers are going to have questions and concerns. They’re going to look to you for answers, they’re going to look to you for guidance.”

Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich told the group that they serve with the selfless desire to protect others and aid our communities.

“I’m very impressed with your level of devotion and dedication to the City," Hissrich said. "I thank you for your distinctive service and congratulate you on your well-deserved honor. I thank the family members for their sacrifice, for their understanding of the roles these officers play in the protection of the city we all love.”

Mayor William Peduto noted that the new sergeants and lieutenants are now on the front lines of helping people in a challenging time for Pittsburgh, and the world, as it confronts a global pandemic with COVID-19. Peduto reminded them that their knowledge and experience will be indispensible to the officers they guide.

“Remember this, that as you go home each night, think about the officers that you are leading and making sure that they have the opportunity to go home each night as well, safe, secure, and with sound guidance from you,” said Peduto.  





Cara Cruz
Assistant Public Information Officer
Public Safety


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