Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS Receives State Recognition for Achieving Expert Level Pediatric Care

PITTSBURGH, PA (May 19, 2020) -- During National Emergency Medical Services Week, the Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS received recogntion today from the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council for its ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality pediatric emergency care in the City of Pittsburgh. 

The Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS completed Pennsylvania's Pediatric Voluntary Recognition Program (PVRP) to ensure that all children receive the best possible prehospital emergency care. The multi-faceted program requires EMS agencies to complete five requirements that build from the basic to the expert level. 

The Council's EMS for Children Program Manager, Duane Spencer, recognized the Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS for its successful completion of the expert level.  EMS Chief Ron Romano received the offical certification on behalf of the Bureau, calling it a great honor.

"Many thanks to the paramedics who are out there doing this every day and making this accomplishment happen and for making us all proud," said Romano.

EMS District Chief Jeffrey Meyer was also recognized as the program's Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator who will assist the Bureau in preparing for calls for service involving pediatric patients through ongoing education and training, quality improvement, community engagement and preparedness, and clinical care. 

Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich acknowledged the evolution of Pittsburgh EMS over the years, as it improves on skills with thousands of hours of advanced training to include things like pediatric care.

Hissrich said, "I think it's very important that we've expanded our role not only from the response by EMS, but to prevention, and hopefully that will continue."

Mayor William Peduto congratulated the Bureau on its accomplishment and acknowledged its integral role in the City's world class medical community.

"Our EMS Bureau is viewed on a global basis. People travel in from around the world in order to be able to be trained by Pittsburgh EMS. That type of recognition is only enhanced by the recognition of today from the Department of Health," said Peduto.







Cara Cruz
Assistant Public Information Officer
Public Safety