City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety Seeking STOP the Violence Community Investment Fund Administrator

PITTSBURGH, PA (June 8, 2021) -- The City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an administrator for its STOP the Violence Community Investment Grant Program. The program will ultimately fund community projects intended to reduce violence in the City.

The administrator will assure that an orderly, efficient, and transparent selection process is conducted to select those projects most responsive to community needs.  The process of publicizing the opportunity, reviewing and selecting the fund recipients, and tracking results will be coordinated by the administrator under the direction of the Department of Public Safety.

“In order to receive the desired outcomes to reduce violence in this city, we have to invest in initiatives that advance quality of life. This grant program is just one of the many ways that the Department of Public Safety will contribute to making that happen, said Public Safety Director, Wendell Hissrich.

Public Safety Assistant Director of Community Affairs, Shatara Murphy, will lead the project.

“I’ve said this before; government does not have all the answers. We are fortunate to work with some amazing people who are truly concerned about the violence occurring across the city and want to do something about it, but they need access to resources to execute their ideas. I want to ensure that we are supportive and providing solutions, not creating barriers to resources. The selection of an administrator for this program will be vital to its success.”

An initial investment of $1,000,000 will be made to support the program. The funds will come from the STOP the Violence Trust Fund, which was created by Mayor Peduto and City Council in 2020.  The initiative was spearheaded by city councilmen Daniel Lavelle and Reverend Ricky Burgess.

“This RFP is a critical step in ultimately providing social services needed to reduce violence in our city. It is part of our attempt to reimagine Public Safety,” said Reverend Burgess.

“This is just a start. We have a lot more to do, but I am committed to finding ways to provide resources to community organizations that want to interrupt the epidemic of violence plaguing our communities,” said Councilman Lavelle.

In addition to Assistant Director Murphy, Jay Gilmer, Coordinator of the City’s STOP the Violence Office, will provide support for this project.

“Ultimately, this fund has the potential to stimulate systemic change and assist community members in addressing the unique challenges they determine to be the forces driving violence, said Gilmer.”

"Initiatives like this are just what we need to reimagine policing in Pittsburgh, and to do what residents expect from their city — to keep them, their families and their neighborhoods safe," Mayor William Peduto said.

Potential applicants can view the opportunity here and search "STOP the Violence" in the search bar: