Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Holds Promotion Ceremony for Lieutenants, Commanders


PITTSBURGH, PA (October 11, 2021) --  The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police held a promotions ceremony on Monday at Our Lady of Victory Maronite Church. 

Five lieutenants were promoted to the rank of commander, while five sergeants were promoted to the rank of lieutenant. 

Shawn Malloy, Matthew Lackner, Martin Devine, Richard Ford, and Ronald Griffin were promoted to the rank of commander. 

Wanda Duncan, Jeffery Abraham, Mark Rush, Logan Hanley, and Anthony Cunningham were promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

Police Chief Scott Schubert spoke of his faith in the future as he acknowledged the over 100 years of combined leadership experience between the officers.

“You are the future, and the past too. You are the future of this department,” Schubert said. “This is something that is going to help change the direction of the Pittsburgh Police by having you in these new leadership roles. [...] We need to do everything we can for our officers to allow them to be successful, and to be safe out in the field. And I know you’re going to be a big part of that.” 

Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich applauded the officers’ work that has often transcended traditional police work during the pandemic.

“I see officers being plumbers, auto mechanics, social workers, Uber drivers and many other occupations day in and day out,” he said. “I have watched you provide direction and guidance to your officers as you were once mentored.” 

Mayor William Peduto commended the officers for their leadership, perseverance and ability to adapt to change. 

“I want to thank you personally, first of all, for wanting to  take on more responsibility. I want to thank you for wanting to take on the added responsibility of taking care of yourselves and taking care of your brothers and sisters.” 

Commander Shawn Malloy is assigned to Zone 1, Commander Matthew Lackner is assigned to Zone 2, Commander Martin Devine is assigned to Narcotics and Vice, Commander Richard Ford is assigned to Major Crimes, and Commander Ronald Griffin is assigned to Zone 4. 

Lieutenants will finish their current assignments as the Department completes a bid process.