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First Lady Michelle Gainey Announces Pittsburgh Paints Art Initiative

First Lady Michelle Gainey Announces Pittsburgh Paints Art Initiative

Mayor’s Office seeks to empower local artists and use the power of art to unite Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH – Pittsburgh’s First Lady, Michelle Gainey, announced her first community initiative today, “Pittsburgh Paints”, a rotating art exhibition that uses art to celebrate the diversity of our great city. A longtime passion for Michelle, Pittsburgh Paints will highlight the city’s robust art scene by exhibiting art pieces in the Mayor’s Executive Conference Room, the Mayor’s Office, and the Chief of Staff’s Office. Each month will feature a unique theme dedicated to uplifting Pittsburgh’s diverse voices, empowering local artists, and creating opportunities to use art to learn more about different cultures in our city.

“I could not be prouder to use the Mayor’s Office as a platform to showcase and highlight such incredible and diverse artists from across Pittsburgh,” said Mayor Gainey. “Our greatest asset is our people. We must support local artists, our Black artists, our Women artists, and everyone in Pittsburgh. Art and Culture are essential to building pathways to prosperity and rich, full lives for everyone in our city. Celebrating culture and learning from each other is how we grow and become the most inclusive city in America. Pittsburgh’s talented artists deserve this platform and it is my honor to highlight and share the incredible work of our residents.”

The first Pittsburgh Paints exhibit is in honor of Black History Month and features the work of Brandon Jennings, Ashante Josey, Marlon Gist, Douglas Webster, Irene Sparks, Kellye Jean Dawson-Young, Baba Amir Rashiid, Jamie Acie Sr, Ernest Bey, Hurley Charles Nance, and Theresa Rose Monroe.

“Pittsburgh has such a beautiful and inspiring art scene,” said Michelle Gainey. “Pittsburgh Paints is just one way we can highlight our local residents, bring culture into the Mayor’s Office, and celebrate all of the incredible artists in Pittsburgh. I have always been passionate about art providing an opportunity for us to learn and explore different cultures, ideas, and perspectives. It is my honor to work with the incredible community in Pittsburgh to showcase our local talent. I hope this series can help inspire our children to think creatively and embrace opportunities to learn about something new.”

Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods are filled with rich and incredible cultures. The Pittsburgh Paints initiative will build on the Mayor’s efforts to celebrate our city’s diversity and empower the voices of those that have been pushed out or left behind for far too long. Mrs. Gainey will work to support Pittsburgh’s local art scene in partnership with local organizations and community outreach. Selections for February’s Black History Month feature were selected in coordination with Nicky Jo Dawson of BLAQK House Collections. Pittsburgh Paints will be run in partnership with Fantasy Zellars.

Artists wishing to be involved in upcoming exhibits can submit their work anytime to or by going to


Annual Pittsburgh Paints Calendar:

February -  Black History Month

March - Women’s History Month

April - Pittsburgh K-12 Student Art

May - Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month + Jewish American Heritage Month

June - LGBTQ+ Pride Month

July - Photography

August - Black Business Month + American Artists Appreciation Month

September - National Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month

October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

November / December - Holiday Theme

January - Inspired by the City of Pittsburgh




Maria Montano
Communications Director
Mayor's Office