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Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS Holds Swearing-In and Promotions Ceremony

PITTSBURGH, PA (March 4, 2022) – Pittsburgh Bureau of Emergency Medical Services held a swearing-in ceremony Friday for EMTs and paramedics. The ceremony was held in Council Chambers at the City-County Building. 

Three new EMTs and ten paramedics were sworn in during the ceremony. One paramedic received a promotion. 

Romi Chaouk, Williams McHenry and Logan Ondos were sworn in as EMTs.      

Robert Catley, Willem deBoer, Ryan Kesting, Zachary Koenecke, Brandon Prevost, Samuel Rest, Andrew Schartner, Michael Schmidt, Cameron Rogers and Graham Weston were sworn in as paramedics. 

Paramedic Edward Parker was promoted. 

Kicking off the ceremony, EMS Chief Ronald Romano directly addressed the families. 

“Thank you for supporting them in the work they do for the city’s citizens. Thank you for sharing them with us and understanding when they miss a family event because they are helping someone else.”

Medical Director for the City of Pittsburgh Dr. Ronald Roth cited the foundational and revolutionary history of emergency care in Pittsburgh by the Freedom House Ambulance Service. Established in 1967, it was the first emergency medical service to provide training beyond basic first aid. The team of mostly Black paramedics set the standard for emergency care not only for future Pittsburgh paramedics, but programs around the country. 

“This legacy continues today,” he said. “Not satisfied with that success, Pittsburgh EMS is on the forefront of treating victims of opioid overdose. We actually start treating victims in the field. We are one of only three or four other agencies in the country to do this.” 

Public Safety Director Lee Schmidt connected that past with the new potential in the Bureau of EMS. 

“You are now a part of that history. I want you to think about the future, and think about what we as Pittsburgh can continue to do to create new pathways for EMS and care for the people we serve. I want you to think of new, innovative ideas that we can implement. Bring those ideas forward.” 

After administering the oaths of office, Mayor Ed Gainey encouraged the newest members of Pittsburgh EMS to lean on each other, and commended them for their heart to serve the city.

“As you serve each other, you will be able to serve the public with greater respect, love, admiration,and tolerance. You will help us build a city that is welcoming.”


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Amanda Mueller
Deputy Public Information Officer
Public Safety