Pittsburgh Police Release 2021 Annual Report

PITTSBURGH, PA (May 11, 2022) – The City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police is offering its 2021 Annual Report for the public to review.

The Bureau takes pride in its accomplishments, constantly striving for improvement and innovation. The Annual Report is an opportunity to share with the City of Pittsburgh a comprehensive overview of the work performed by the Bureau’s zone officers and specialty units, as well as a detailed statistical analysis of everything from calls for service and homicide analysis, to arrests and disciplinary action.

However, this report is more than graphs, tables, and numbers. It represents people and communities who deserve safe and secure streets and homes. The report also highlights the ongoing community engagement efforts by all of our officers in order to build trust and relationships in the neighborhoods in which we serve.

“Appointed with this valuable statistical information, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police strives to move through 2022 with a renewed and conscious commitment to continue building on our successes but, more importantly, learning from and improving in the areas that are calling out for more attention and care,” said Police Chief Scott Schubert.

“The PBP Annual Report is a reflection of our commitment to transparency and our Crime Analysis Unit works meticulously throughout the year to provide the most comprehensive report of its kind in Western Pennsylvania,” says Commander Eric Holmes, head of the Crime Analysis Unit.

Please find the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police 2021 Annual Report here:





Cara Cruz
Public Information Officer
Public Safety