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Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS Holds Promotions and Swearing-in Ceremony

PITTSBURGH, PA (August 4, 2022) -- The Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS held a promotions and swearing-in ceremony today in Council Chambers at the City-County Building with proud families and friends in attendance.

Six paramedics successfully completed their probationary period and were sworn in as Pittsburgh EMS paramedics. Alex Blystone, Marlin Davis, Nolan McGrann, Kenneth Phillips, Richard Segriff and Colin Campeau were sworn in as paramedics.

Sarah Geyer, Matthew Gurriero, William McHenry, John O’Rourke, Austin Saenger were promoted to the rank of paramedic from EMT.

EMS Chief Ronald Romano addressed the families and recognized the sacrifices their loved ones make in order to serve the City of Pittsburgh. He also addressed the paramedics themselves.

“My staff and I are committed to helping you succeed because when you succeed, this department succeeds. Continue to represent the department and yourselves with the highest level of professionalism and dedication possible,” said Romano.

Medical Director Dr. Ron Roth congratulated all of the paramedics on their accomplishments, while pointing out that for the EMTs, working to advance their careers while already holding down demanding EMS jobs, is no small feat.

“That was an incredible task. To become a paramedic is not easy in itself, but to do it while working is just incredible and that really shows your dedication to the service,” said Dr. Roth.

As a key focus of Mayor Ed Gainey’s administration, Public Safety Director Lee Schmidt stressed the importance of ensuring that all Public Safety employees, such as those in the Bureau of EMS, are well-supported as they experience what can often be stress-filled and emotionally-challenging work days.

Said Schmidt, “Make sure you’re taking care of yourself. We see people at the best moments, we can see people we serve people in their worst moments, and those things can be taken home, but we need to make sure we process those things. We have to make sure you’re keeping yourself physically fit, as well as mentally fit.”

Before administering the oath of office and swearing in the new paramedics, Mayor Gainey’s Chief Operating and Administrative Officer Lisa Frank reiterated the Mayor’s vision for the City of Pittsburgh as one that is anchored in the well-being and safety of its residents.

“Paramedics have a special place in the work that we do and in the work that the administration is trying to accomplish,” said Frank.

Congratulations Paramedics!


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Cara Cruz
Public Information Officer
Public Safety
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