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Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Holds Promotion Ceremony in Council Chambers

PITTSBURGH, PA (September 1, 2022) – One lieutenant was promoted to the rank of captain and three firefighters were promoted to the rank of lieutenant during a Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire promotion ceremony in Council Chambers.

Fire Chief Daryl Jones opened the ceremony by emphasizing the officers’ connection with the community and their dedication to service. 

“The City and its residents rate their fire department based on performance “ said Jones. “They say we have a good fire department because the officers relate with them on the worst day of their life. They are well-prepared to take care of us and serve us, and I applaud them.” 

Mayor Ed Gainey administered the oath of office during the ceremony, before taking time to thank the families and expound on the work behind the promotions.  

“As much as I want to congratulate these gentlemen, I want to congratulate the families. Because if the family nucleus is not strong, these promotions can’t happen,” said Gainey. “There’s a difference between success and growth. Today you can celebrate your success, but don’t let this be the last promotion.” 

Public Safety Director Lee Schmidt addressed the demands of leadership while operating in a first responder capacity. 

“This promotion is much more than a pay raise. It’s a commitment to be a leader. It’s a commitment to be accountable to yourself and to your company and to the department. It’s a commitment to create more leaders by mentoring them and showing them the way.” 

Anthony Horne was promoted to the rank of captain.

Kirill Kuznetsov, Randolph Meyer and  Jason Miller were promoted to the rank of lieutenant.







Amanda Mueller
Deputy Public Information Officer
Public Safety
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