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Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Holds Promotions Ceremony for Lieutenants, Sergeants

PITTSBURGH, PA (October 18, 2022) --  The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police held a promotions ceremony on Tuesday at the Special Deployment Division building. 

Two sergeants were promoted to the rank of lieutenant, while three detectives and ten officers  were promoted to the rank of sergeant.

Timothy Novosel and William Watts were promoted to the rank of lieutenant. . 

Joseph Lippert, Dennis Baker, Cynthia Horvath, Dylan DiDomenico, Gregory Livesey, Bruce Williams, Regis Holler, Ryan Davis, Andrew Tantanella, Jeffrey Barone, Christopher Walker, Vincent Pacheco and Ross Patton were promoted to the rank of sergeant. 

Acting Police Chief Thomas Stangrecki touched on the importance of strong organizational foundations within the police force and the value of promoting within. 

“The success of any organization depends on the strength of its leaders,” he said. “The sergeants, officers, and detectives in these front rows are ready and deserving of promotions.” 

As the officers move forward in their careers, Public Safety Director Lee Schmidt delivered a reminder about the importance of leading the next generation of officers. 

“Set an example for those to follow in your footsteps. There have been many great leaders who came before you. Now, it is your turn to make a path others will follow.” 

 Mayor Ed Gainey delivered the Oath of Office. He recognized and thanked the families and command staff, and commended the officers for their sacrifices made for the job both publicly and at home. 

“I know it’s a tough job in today’s environment,” he said.  “Thank you. I appreciate your hard work and the long nights you put in.” 

Both lieutenants and sergeants will start work in their new assignment locations this week.




Amanda Mueller
Deputy Public Information Officer
Public Safety
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