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Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Statement Regarding Police Presence During Funeral

PITTSBURGH, PA ( November 3, 2022) -- Following the tragic shooting incident that occurred outside the Destiny of Faith Church on October 28, 2022, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police began conducting inquiries into whether police protection was provided during a funeral at the church.

Command Staff interviewed personnel on duty that day and learned a police presence had been requested for the service, but the request was not fulfilled. 

“We regret that PBP did not provide the presence asked of us on a difficult day. As a matter of policy, we are conducting an internal investigation into what went wrong in this situation. As not only police officers, but members of this community, we consider this totally unacceptable. As previously stated in other briefings, it is our hope that the inactions of a few do not reflect negatively on the actions of many who worked diligently to respond, investigate and bring those responsible to justice in the aftermath of this tragedy, ” said Acting Chief of Police Thomas Stangrecki.

Disciplinary action will be issued as warranted and handled internally. 

As this is a personnel matter, there will no be further information provided at this time.




Cara Cruz
Public Information Officer
Public Safety
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