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Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Holds Graduation Ceremony for Recruit Class 132-22

PITTSBURGH, PA (December 2, 2022) – The Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire held a graduation ceremony today at the Teamsters Temple in Lawrenceville for recruit class 132-22. The 31 recruits, including one woman, began their 32 weeks of training on April 18.

During the ceremony, IAFF Local No.1 President Ralph Sicuro told the recruits and their families that over his 25 years of service with the Bureau he has witnessed tremendous improvements to training, tactics, and the equipment that firefighters use.  

“To my newest brothers and sister, you have all received the best training there is to offer. You have developed the necessary skills to enter the field, but now you must hone those skills with experience,” said Sicuro.   

Fire Chief Darryl Jones reminded the group that on day one of their training he told them that 100% effort was not enough, and that today he was proud to say they had met that challenge.

“Your sleeves are no longer slick. You now carry the symbol of excellence in the fire service on your left sleeve. You have a responsibility to support the values represented by that shield. Remember what it stands for. Remember who and what it represents. Remember those who have come before you, those who have sacrificed, those who gave all. Please don’t let them down. You are now part of something very, very special,” said Jones.

Public Safety Director Lee Schmidt administered the Oath of Office and told the new firefighters that they would experience challenges and trauma on the job that would require them to take care of themselves and their colleagues.

“Remember to keep yourselves physically and mentally ready. You have a whole group of people, of folks you’ve not only gone through the academy with, but now a much larger family of those who have gone through this before and have done what you're doing. If you need to talk, talk. If something is bothering you, don’t hold it in. Talk about it. They’ve been there, they’ve experienced it,” said Schmidt.

Battalion Chief Michael F. Riley presented two recruits with awards earned during their eight months of training. Eric Darr received the Academic Achievement Award and James Ross earned the Physical Fitness Award.

The recruits will be assigned to their respective stations to officially begin their tenure with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire on Monday, December 5.

Congratulations Firefighters!





Cara Cruz
Public Information Officer
Public Safety
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