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Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS Holds Swearing-In, Promotions and Award Ceremony

PITTSBURGH, PA (December 7, 2022) – Pittsburgh Bureau of Emergency Medical Services held a swearing-in, promotions and awards ceremony Tuesday for EMTs and paramedics. The ceremony was held in the Pittsburgh Police Special Deployment Division Building. 

One person was sworn in as an EMT and one as a paramedic after successfully completing their probationary periods; a third person was promoted from EMT to paramedic.

Kristy Morin was sworn in as an EMT. Natalie Drab was sworn in as a paramedic. 

Nathan Orr was promoted to paramedic. 

EMS Chief Ron Romano praised the personnel for their accomplishments, having achieved their new positions while working, attending classes, and attending to family obligations. He assured them that Pittsburgh EMS is fully invested in their future.

"My staff and I are committed to helping you succeed because when you succeed, our department succeeds. Continue to represent our department and yourselves with the highest level of professionalism and dedication possible," said Romano. 

Medical Director Dr. Ron Roth spoke of the deep history behind the program that paramedics represent in Pittsburgh. 

"Pittsburgh EMS makes a difference in people's lives every single day. Pittsburgh was the home of the first paramedics, starting with Freedom House, and now it's home for the best paramedics in the country.”

Director Schmidt told the new personnel that they are now part of a larger family of not only EMS, but also of City of Pittsburgh employees.

"We're all here to work together to serve the citizens and visitors of this city. Remember you have that family to lean on. When you have those hard times, when you have those bad calls, when you see those things that no one wants to see and no one can forget, remember that you have a group of people here who are willing to talk and listen. Remember to talk, don't hold it in, and love on your family as you need to."

Mayor Gainey acknowledged the intensely difficult and emotional work that EMS personnel perform in their dedication to public service. He also honored the citizens who put the lives of a stranger in need ahead of their own and were awarded for their selflessness.

"I want to thank you because a lot of times we take these stories for granted. We see them on the news, but we really don't hear how scary it can be." 

In addition to the promotions, several people also received awards, presented by the Mayor and Chief Romano. Those recipients are:

Civilian Service Award

  • Kyle Novak (city employee)

  • Carrie Dvorsak (city employee)

  • Dennis Eperthener

  • Leslie Evans

Paramedic Rescue Services Award

  • Paramedic Paul Warchol

  • Paramedic Eugenio Dinnocente

  • Paramedic David Naples 

  • Paramedic Caleb Shock

  • Paramedic Suzanne Schwebel

  • Crew Chief John Soderberg

District Chief's Award

  • Paramedic Romayne Bendig

  • Paramedic Daniel Berg

  • Paramedic Rizieri Valles 

  • Paramedic Willem deBoer

  • Paramedic Brandon Prevost

  • Paramedic Johathan Atkinson 

  • Crew Chief Simon Taxel

  • Crew Chief John Soderberg

  • District Chief Russel Dimon

Medical Directors Award

  • Crew Chief James Dlutowski






Amanda Mueller
Deputy Public Information Officer
Public Safety
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