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Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS Holds Swearing-In Ceremony

PITTSBURGH, PA (March 10 , 2023) – Pittsburgh Bureau of Emergency Medical Services held a swearing-in ceremony Friday for two paramedics.The ceremony was held in the Mayor’s Conference Room. 

The two paramedics recently completed their 180-day probationary period and will now begin their advancement through the ranks of EMS. 

Alex Cappellini and Adam Croci were both sworn-in as paramedics. 

EMS Chief Ronald Romano reminded the two promotees that they are part of an important tradition in the city.

"This is the 48th year of working in Pittsburgh, not far off from 50 years. You are now the continuation of that 48 years. It's up to you to keep us moving forward and keep us on the cutting edge of what we do everyday, and I know you're up for the task."

Associate Medical Director Dr. Lennie Weiss spoke about emerging from the most challenging time in the history of  prehospital care, as challenges seem amplified in the wake of the pandemic. 

“Now more than ever, we need you. You provide access to emergency care to those who struggle. You support people with mental health needs; you care for victims of illness and injury during the scariest minutes of their lives.You are the patient advocate. As an EMS professional, you are a vital asset to our nation and our city."

Director Schmidt reminded the new paramedics that Pittsburgh EMS grew out of the creation of Freedom House in 1967, where first responders developed new and innovative protocols for prehospital care.

“Remember, as you are now part of this team, that you are also part of building new futures for EMS; not just here in Pittsburgh, because what we do in Pittsburgh 

spreads around the world." 

Before administering the oath of office, Mayor Ed Gainey recognized the paramedics' families and reminded them of the important role they would play as they serve the city.

"There are going to be things they see on the job that when they come home, they're going to need ten minutes just to decompress. They're going to need that love and support." 

Mayor Gainey gave the two a chance to talk about why EMS is important to them.

The paramedics spoke of their desire to help people in the community who may not have the means or access to mainstream healthcare, their love of the city, and the work of EMS as a calling. 



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Amanda Mueller
Deputy Public Information Officer
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