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Department of Public Safety Marks Retirement of Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS Chief, Ronald Romano

PITTSBURGH, PA (April 3, 2023) - After 45 years of devoted service to the City of Pittsburgh, EMS Chief Ronald Romano is retiring from the Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS.

Friday, March 31, 2023 was his last day in uniform.

Romano began his EMS career in 1975 with Perman Ambulance Service in Pittsburgh. In March of 1978, he was hired as a paramedic with the City of Pittsburgh. He first worked on the city's North Side at Medic 4, where he spent two years. He was promoted to Crew Chief and spent five years at Medic 3 in the West End and a little more than two years at Medic 13, which has since been taken out of service. 

He rose through the ranks over the years to first become a Field Supervisor, which later became the District Chief position. In February 2005, he advanced to Division Chief of the Ambulance Division, a position that also handled all EMS planning for major events in Pittsburgh.

Romano became Deputy EMS Chief in March 2016 and was promoted in October 2018 as the City's 7th Chief of Pittsburgh EMS by then-Mayor, Bill Peduto. 

City Council honored his more than four decades of service with a proclamation, declaring March 28, 2023, Chief Ronald Romano Day in the City of Pittsburgh. 

During the ceremony, Chief Romano thanked his wife Lucy, his daughters Rachel and Leah, his son, Ron Jr. and his extended family for their support over the years. He reflected on the many pivotal moments he experienced during his career, but acknowledged that his most fulfilling accomplishment occurred relatively recently, following one of the most challenging periods during his tenure; the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

"We did not have one employee get admitted to the hospital, let alone pass away during the pandemic. We were able to continue to support the system and put the trucks on the road every day when numerous systems across the country were shutting down. That's a compliment to all of my staff," said Chief Romano. 

He told Council Members and those who gathered for the ceremony, that they may not have known it, but he worried about his EMS personnel every day, from the moment he went to sleep, from the moment he woke up.

Public Safety Director Lee Schmidt worked with Chief Romano in recent years and during his own career in the EMS field, prior to joining the City of Pittsburgh.

"He was always the consummate professional who put his staff and their well-being first. He believed in ongoing training for EMTs and paramedics and investing in technology to ensure that Pittsburgh EMS remains one of the most respected pre-hospital care services in the country. His calm nature and dedication to the job will be greatly missed, but Chief Romano has left the Bureau of EMS on solid footing and in capable hands."

The Department of Public Safety and the City of Pittsburgh congratulate Ronald Romano on his retirement and 45 years of faithful service to the residents and visitors to Pittsburgh.



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Cara Cruz
Public Information Officer
Public Safety