Gender Equity Press Conference

PITTSBURGH, PA (March 1, 2018) With the start of Women’s History Month 2018 the City of Pittsburgh is proud to publicly launch its Gender Equity Commission, one of the few such commissions in the entire country. 

Mayor William Peduto signed an ordinance last year that authorized the commission to conduct analyses of City departments, employment, and services to uphold the principles of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)[TM1].  

Beginning last month, the Commission commenced monthly meetings, which are open to the public and held on the third Tuesday of each month. With representation from different expertise areas and lived experiences, this Commission of 15 diverse community stakeholders coordinates with Executive Director anupama jain, who works in Mayor Peduto’s Bureau of Neighborhood Empowerment. 

According to jain, “Throughout the world, the majority of women. Especially those from marginalized communities and trans women, cannot count on achieving adequate safety and success according to most measures of quality of life. I am honored and privileged to be working with local leaders and visionaries to devise concrete solutions to our city’s challenges regarding equity and inclusion.”   

"Shirley Chisolm, one of my favorite female revolutionaries and someone who I try to model, said 'Tremendous amounts of talent are lost to our society just because that talent wears a skirt.'. In 2018, this is still the case, and quite frankly, I'm over it. If I can do anything to push barriers for women, especially as a black woman, then I'm there. That's why I'm serving,” said Commission member Kelauni Cook, founder and CEO of Black Tech Nation. 

The Commission will be using data analysis and evidence-based interventions to pinpoint patterns of inequity and then work with experts in different areas to devise sustainable and affordable solutions for those problems.  

“These are not ‘women’s issues’ but deeply human issues about which all reasonable people care, such as education and work, public and personal safety, diversity of viewpoints for innovation, and support for families,” jain said.  

The Gender Equity Commissioners are: 

Megan Block         

Attorney, Civil Rights, Union and Employment  

Kelauni Cook        

Founder and CEO, Black Tech Nation; Co-Director, Beta Builders Coding Boot Camp Community  

Kathi Elliott  

Executive Director, Gwen's Girls  

Lee Fogarty          

Leader, Cities for CEDAW Pittsburgh  

Deb Gross             

Councilperson, City Council, District 7, City of Pittsburgh  

Sarah Hansen        

Senior Director of Operations, Pennsylvania Women Work  

Magdeline Jensen         

CEO, Greater Pittsburgh YWCA  

Sabrina Korbel     

Attorney, Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh  

Janet Manuel        

Acting Director, Department of Human Resources, City of Pittsburgh  

Amanda Neatrour        

Manager, Women's Leadership and Mentorship Program, Robert Morris University  

Chelsea Pallatino   

Postdoctoral Associate, Magee Women's Research Institute  

Jessie Ramey         

Director, Women's Institute, Chatham University  

Sarah Schulz         

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Point Park University  

Mike Strelic           

Senior Budget Analyst, City Council Budget Office, City of Pittsburgh  

Ricardo Williams          

Manager of Equity & Inclusion, Bureau of Neighborhood Empowerment; Administrator, Equal Opportunities Review Commission (EORC), City of Pittsburgh  





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Keyva Clark
Communication Analyst
Mayor's Office