City of Pittsburgh Implements Hiring Freeze

PITTSBURGH, PA (May 4, 2020) Mayor William Peduto announced today that he is instituting a hiring freeze for more than 60 currently unfilled positions within City government, in a move to save money during the deep budget impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Not hiring the 64 positions will save the City an estimated $3 million in salaries. 

“The dedication and perseverance of City workers, especially those working on the front lines, has been on full display during this pandemic, and on behalf of all city residents I can’t thank them enough for their public service,” Mayor Peduto said. “We have to put on hold these new hires, however, to help fill the ever-widening holes showing up in our budget due to this crisis.” 

Mayor Peduto wrote to President Donald J. Trump two weeks ago in an effort to obtain emergency federal funding for the City, noting that estimates are for a 21% cut in projected City revenues in 2020, going from $608 million down to $481 million, for a total loss of $127 million. Over a five-year period from 2020-2024 the City expects to lose a total of $239 million, which amounts to a 7.5% cut. 

No other budget cuts are being implemented at this time, though directors of City departments are being asked to review possible cuts to non-personnel costs of at least 10% citywide. 

The hiring freeze impacts the following 64 unfilled positions, by department: 

Mayors Office 

-Office Manager 

Office of Management and Budget 

-Chief Financial Officer 

-Assistant Director, Operating 

Innovation and Performance 

-Senior Manager Applications 

-Assistant Applications Administrator 

-Project Coordinator 

-GIS Analyst 


-Finance Systems Analyst 

-Clerical Specialist 1 


-Associate Solicitor 


-Training and Development Coordinator 

-Talent Acquisition Coordinator 

-HR Specialist 

City Planning 

-Community Affairs Liaison 

-Senior Planner 

-Planner 2 

-Clerical Assistant 2  


-Government and Public Relations Liaison 

-2 Combined Operations Inspector 

-Applications Technician 

Public Safety Administration 

-Safer Together PGH Coordinator 

-2 Emergency Management Planners 



-Two classes of recruits this year instead of three 

-2 Administrative Specialist 

-8 Clerical Specialist 1 

-Clerk 2 

-6 Full Time Crossing Guards (this has no impact on existing Crossing Guard program) 

Animal Control 

-Animal Control Officer 


-Fire Class will move forward with 24 instead of 32 candidates  


-July recruits will move forward, October will hold for further review 

Department of Public Works Administration 

-Clerical Assistant 2 

DPW Operations 

-2 Inspector 1 

-2 Truck Driver 

Parks and Recreation 

-5 Rec Leader 1 

-Administrative Aide 

-Fiscal and Contracting Coordinator 

-3 Community Center Director 

Mobility and Infrastructure 

-Policy Analyst 

-Communications Specialist 

-2 Project Engineers 

-Senior Systems Analyst 

-Executive Assistant 



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Timothy McNulty
Communications Director
Mayor's Office