City of Pittsburgh Commits to Renewable Electricity in All Major Facilities

PITTSBURGH, PA (May 22, 2020) In a significant step toward the City of Pittsburgh’s climate action goals, all of the city’s major facilities will source their electricity from renewable resources.

The city and its partners in the Western Pennsylvania Energy Consortium (WPEC) announced this week that they have signed a 12-month agreement with Direct Energy for renewable energy supply. Direct Energy will source power and Green-e Certified renewable energy attributes offsetting 100% of the energy consumption and associated carbon emissions from the consortium members. 

The contract will result in saving around $100,000 in energy costs for the city and $670,000 for WPEC members total. The city’s cost savings will go towards additional sustainability and energy efficiency projects that will result in additional cost savings.  

“Under this contract extension, the City will be meeting its renewable electricity goals for its facilities for the next year—a critical milestone from our climate action plan created in 2018,” Mayor William Peduto said. “Equally important, the extension is both environmentally friendly while also reducing energy costs for our Consortium members, demonstrating that good environmental and economic decisions can go hand in hand. I'd like to thank our City energy team, members of the WPEC, and the technical teams at Direct Energy and ENEL-X for helping us navigate these difficult times, but also through these tough times for creating an opportunity.” 


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Molly Onufer
Communications Director
Mayor's Office