Department of Public Works to Use Sustainable Landscaping in Some City Parks

PITTSBURGH, PA (June 9, 2020) The Department of Public Works has announced that seven city parks will be maintained under a Green/Eco Landscaping Contract, providing organic and/or natural landscaping without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, in line with City of Pittsburgh DPW landscaping operations. 

Some of these environmentally sustainable practices include: 

  • The Penn State Agricultural Extension will collect soil samples to determine the pH and nutrient levels at these locations. Those tests will determine which organic fertilization or compost-based program will be used. Programs include organic fertilizer, compost, compost tea and/or any other acceptable sustainable fertilization practice. 
  • Turf Care Programs will be implemented with no more than 25% weed cover (10% if a specialty program) utilizing compost, compost tea, overseeding, aeration, topdressing, thatch management and mowing heights of 3 inches (2.5 inches if specialty).  
  • Weed removal will be done manually, by flame weeders and/or by grazing goats.  
  • Weed prevention will be done by mulching, tarping, landscape fabric, planting desirable vegetation or by newspaper and/or cardboard barriers.  

The Green/Eco Landscaping Contract will be used in the following parks, with the intention of adding additional park locations later: 

  • Allegheny Landing Park 
  • Allegheny Riverfront Park (upper and lower levels) 
  • Convention Center Park 
  • Mellon Square Park 
  • Schenley Park-Panther Hollow Field 
  • Schenley Park-Schenley Plaza 
  • Southside Park-Quarry Field 

The sustainable landscaping for these park locations will cost approximately $18,920, but the Green/Eco Landscaping Contract is part of a larger contracting package. 


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Molly Onufer
Communications Director
Mayor's Office