Mayor William Peduto, City Council President Kail Smith and URA to Invest $626,000 in District 2

PITTSBURGH, PA (August 11, 2020) Mayor William Peduto, City Council President Theresa Kail Smith and the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh will present over $626,000 in community investment funding for Council District 2 projects to the URA Board of Directors for approval this Thursday.   

"The funding provided by the URA for these projects will meet important community needs in our District 2 neighborhoods like community resources, accessibility upgrades for older residents, and access to high quality affordable housing,” said Mayor Peduto. “Thank you to Council President Theresa Kail Smith for collaborating with us to identify and see these projects through and the URA for their continued support of community projects."  

“We are pleased to provide support to catalytic projects located throughout neighborhoods like Chartiers City, Crafton Heights, Sheraden, and Duquesne Heights,” said URA Deputy Executive Director Diamonte Walker. “Stabilizing and growing the vitality of this part of the City through investments in affordable housing and essential community-serving facilities is critical to our mission. We believe this sends a strong signal of market confidence in the area. Thank you to the Mayor, Council President, and all of our development partners.” 

The URA Board of Directors will vote on the following funding for projects located in District 2 :  

  • A $351,000 loan agreement with Washington Heights Elderly Housing Corporation for the complete overhaul and modernization of the elevator at Sweetbriar Place. Sweetbriar Place is an eight-story, 55-unit HUD 202 senior apartment building located in the Duquesne Heights neighborhood. This project will secure the long-term safety and accessibility of the community for its residents and visitors.  
  • A $200,000 Housing Recovery Program - Developer loan agreement with Pittsburgh Housing Development Corporation (PHDC)  to provide second deferred mortgages related to the rehabilitation of five affordable for-sale housing units in the Chartiers City, Crafton Heights and Sheraden neighborhoods. The properties were acquired through bank foreclosures as part of PHDC’s “Rehab for Resale” program that develop affordable housing in areas that lack affordable, for-sale housing opportunities.  
  • A $75,000 District Improvement Fund grant agreement with Jasmine Nyree Homes, Inc. for the Jasmine Nyree Campus project in Sheraden which will transform a 180,000 square foot vacant lot into a multi-service facility for those with special needs and residents of District 2 neighborhoods. The project is being done in multiple phases with the Administration Building having opened in June 2020 and a 65,000 square foot Learning Center featuring basketball court, computer lab, library and daycare for adults with special needs intended to open in 2021. Subsequent phases will include a Community Center and 40-unit apartment building for low-income seniors, disabled veterans and adults with special needs.    

“The Jasmine Campus is very grateful for the grant provided by Mayor Peduto, the URA and Council-President Kail Smith. This grant will help assist us with renovations to our Learning Center where we will provide services to 600 at risk children, and 300 special needs adults a day. We thank you for your contribution,” said Christy Porter, executive director for the Jasmine Nyree Campus.  

"I'd like to thank everyone for coming together and working together to make sure that District 2 residents see investment to meet their needs,” said City Council President Theresa Kail Smith. “Thank you to Mayor Peduto and his staff for working closely with our office and our neighbors to help connect them with the resources they need. Thank you to Director Greg Flisram and his team at the URA for their energy around these projects and financial support. Thank you especially to our neighbors - to Cristy Porter and her team with the Jasmine Nyree Campus project, Washington Heights Elderly Housing Corporation and Pittsburgh Housing Development Corporation for making these plans a reality."  

The URA Board Meeting will be this Thursday, August 13 online at 2 PM. More information about these projects and the meeting can be found here.  


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Molly Onufer
Communications Director
Mayor's Office