City Launches Clean and Lien Team to Address Blighted Properties

PITTSBURGH, PA (October 23, 2020) The City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works has launched a  “Clean and Lien” team to address blighted properties citywide. 

Clean and Liens occur once a property owner has been notified of an overgrowth or debris violation and does not bring the property into compliance. The City then has the right to enter onto the property and take the necessary steps to remove the weeds or debris and place a tax lien on the property. 

Cleaning up neighborhood blight is a priority of Mayor William Peduto and Council President Theresa Kail-Smith, who proposed launching the team during last year’s budget process. 

“Our crews at DPW are some of the hardest working employees in the city, and this new team will be doing all it can to preserve quality-of-life in all city neighborhoods,” Councilwoman Kail- Smith said.

The Clean and Lien process involves multiple city departments including DPW; Permits, Licenses and Inspections; Finance; and Law.  

Previously DPW had crews in each division work on clean and  liens as part of their daily tasks along with patching potholes, picking up litter, trimming weeds on City property, and so on. Now there is a dedicated team based in the 5th division to handle solely clean and liens, comprised of a foreman, four laborers and a truck driver when needed. 

If there is a private property in your neighborhood that you believe would qualify for this program, please call 311. 



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Timothy McNulty
Communications Director
Mayor's Office