City Releases Data on Hiring Diversity

PITTSBURGH, PA (November 16, 2020) The City of Pittsburgh is following up on Mayor William Peduto’s commitment to make city leadership more reflective of Pittsburgh’s diversity as a whole. 

New numbers based on an internal review of hiring show the Mayor’s Office is 54% Female, 46% Male, 42% Black, 42% White and 15% Asian. 

Of the Mayor’s 198 appointments to boards and commissions, the breakdown is 61% Female, 39% Male, 58% White, 36% Black, 4% Asian and 2% Lantinx. 

The full Peduto administration, including department directors and assistant directors, is 51% Male and 49% Female. By race the administration is 62% White, 30% Black, 7% Asian and 3% Latinx. 

The City’s largest department, Public Safety, is 64% Male, 36% Female, 71% White and 29% Black. 

“We still have far to go, but I am happy that our efforts to promote diversity and equity within City government are paying off. I want to thank all of our hard-working employees and board and commission volunteers for their public service,” Mayor Peduto said. 



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Timothy McNulty
Communications Director
Mayor's Office