Mayor Peduto Proposes COVID-19 Sick Leave

PITTSBURGH, PA (November 23, 2020) Workers in Pittsburgh impacted by COVID-19 will receive paid sick leave under legislation being introduced by Mayor William Peduto’s Administration to City Council today. 

Such sick leave is currently offered under the federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act, but is set to expire December 31. The Republican-controlled Senate has not extended the Act or agreed to other economic stimulus measures. 

“Due to failed federal action, workers should not have to choose between their family’s health during a worldwide pandemic and their ability to pay their bills. In Pittsburgh we’re used to stepping up when Washington fails, and will do so again to protect our people from COVID-19,” Mayor Peduto said. 

Under the City’s legislation, COVID-19 paid sick leave would be handled separately from its existing Paid Sick Days requirements, which began taking effect this year. Under the new measure employees of businesses with 50 or more workers could receive up to 112 hours of paid sick leave due to impacts from COVID-19. 

The pandemic sick leave would stay in place until the City’s COVID-19 Declaration of Emergency, which was issued in March, is lifted. 

Today’s legislation says: 

“WHEREAS, the City of Pittsburgh has an interest in collection of various tax revenues to provide basic and essential governmental services; and, 

WHEREAS, the City of Pittsburgh has an interest in preventing spread of COVID-19 within and throughout the City of Pittsburgh; and  

WHEREAS, the exigent circumstances posed by COVID-19 require balancing those interests; and  

WHEREAS, the City of Pittsburgh finds it appropriate to mandate that employees receiving Paid Sick time under the Paid Sick Days Act should be provided such time immediately without need for accrual in the event that the use of Paid Sick time arises from COVID-19.” 



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Timothy McNulty
Communications Director
Mayor's Office