Court Upholds Peduto Campaign Finance Law

PITTSBURGH, PA (January 19, 2021) A Common Pleas judge today ruled in favor of the campaign finance law written by then-Councilman William Peduto and implemented by the City of Pittsburgh Ethics Hearing Board. 

The order issued by Judge Joseph James says the provisions and campaign finance regulations in the Pittsburgh campaign law are legal, as they follow similar regulations adopted by Philadelphia under its Home Rule powers that were upheld by the state Supreme Court. The judge’s order was in response to a suit filed by former Councilwoman Darlene Harris in 2019 saying the Pittsburgh legislation was preempted by state law and could not be enforced. 

As a councilman Peduto was the main author of the good government bill in 2010. 

“In a time when campaign finance rules and our ability to track political influence on elected officials are being gutted through decisions like Citizens United this is a major victory,” Mayor Peduto said. “It’s a win for transparency, for common-sense oversight of campaign spending, and most importantly for City of Pittsburgh voters. We are pleased with the Court repeatedly upholding these reasonable regulations, and for holding candidates accountable for their contributions and spending,” Mayor Peduto said. 

A copy of today’s order is available here. 



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Timothy McNulty
Communications Director
Mayor's Office