Statement by Mayor William Peduto on White House Executive Orders

PITTSBURGH, PA (January 21, 2021) Mayor William Peduto released the following statement on the Executive Orders signed by President Joseph Biden on the COVID-19 pandemic, climate, equity, and the economy: 

“The 17 orders signed by President Biden yesterday and the important governing priorities set with Vice President Kamala Harris will guide the United States back onto its rightful leadership course for Americans and the rest of the world.  

All of these actions will benefit the residents of Pittsburgh, and mirror longtime efforts by my administration to ensure equity, opportunity and safety for all. 

Rejoining the Paris Climate Accords has a special import for our city given our worldwide leadership role in battling climate change, which has been remained unwavering despite the misguided efforts by former President Trump and his allies to label us otherwise. 

Recommitting to the Accords shows our country’s resolve to face twin challenges of our time — climate change and economic injustice — and reinforces the belief that we can solve the problems confronting us by working together and fostering innovation. 

All of the principles being followed by the Biden-Harris administration — from promoting immigration to fostering equity to protecting those facing economic woe — are priorities of Pittsburgh as well. Cities like ours never abandoned our commitments to save our planet and our people. Instead we doubled down, and today we remain ready to work with President Biden and Vice President Harris to create jobs, rebuild our infrastructure and ensure a better environment for all.” 

A full list of White House orders and actions is available here



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Timothy McNulty
Communications Director
Mayor's Office