City, URA & Bakery Square Development to Invest Millions in Affordable Housing and Workforce Development in Larimer

PITTSBURGH, PA (February 9, 2021) A funding partnership with Bakery Square to support affordable housing, workforce development and the history of Larimer has been approved by the East Liberty TRID board. 

It includes support for a $1 million Larimer workforce development center, a $1 million commitment to affordable housing on Mayflower Street, and an engineering and architectural pattern book to support the Larimer Master Plan. 

The partnership with Bakery Square developers Walnut Capital was approved Thursday by the East Liberty Transit Revitalization Investment District Revitalization Authority (ELTRIDRA) board.   

“In 2014 Larimer Consensus Group was given the opportunity to improve two housing projects as the momentum was to build with rehabilitation, and many homeowners were able to rehab their homes,” Donna Jackson of Larimer Consensus Group said. “This partnership with Walnut Capital extended another opportunity for residents to build wealth throughout the community and receive job training to empower them to increase wealth within their families.” 

“This is how you help ensure opportunities for all,” Mayor William Peduto said. “I want to thank Larimer Consensus Group, Walnut Capital and ELTRIDRA for their work.” 

A $1 million grant from Walnut Capital will fund workforce development initiatives by the Larimer Consensus Group. The service provider will be Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc. (PCSI) and the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh will provide technical assistance and expertise. 

In a partnership between the URA and Walnut Capital $1 million will be committed to support a for-sale affordable housing initiative on currently-vacant land on Mayflower Street near Auburn Street. Affordable, new-construction, single-family homes will be constructed in a partnership with the Pittsburgh Housing Development Corporation, which will be sold to households at or below 80% Area Median Income. 

A $17,500 grant from Walnut Capital will fund the pattern book, which is a guide that reviews architectural patterns that are present within the Larimer neighborhood along with guidelines for building or renovating structures. The pattern book will highlight sustainable practices consistent with the Larimer Vision Plan. 



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Timothy McNulty
Communications Director
Mayor's Office