City Launches OurFuturePGH Website for Youth and Families

PITTSBURGH, PA (March 23, 2021) Mayor William Peduto and the Office of Equity announced today the launch of OurFuturePGH, a website to connect youth, families and organizations to educational and recreation opportunities provided by the City of Pittsburgh.  

OurFuturePGH was designed as part of Mayor Peduto’s vision to centralize and promote free and low-cost public programs available to families for youth of all ages. It includes age- and developmentally appropriate city programs organized by age range offered by the Office of Equity, Department of Parks & Recreation, Department of Mobility & Infrastructure, Bureau of Police and more. The programs are designed to recognize, utilize and enhance young people’s strengths and focus on the 6 C’s of positive outcomes: confidence, connecting, competition, character, contribute, caring. 

“Our young people are Pittsburgh’s tomorrow,” said Mayor Peduto. “It’s important that we support children and youth so that they can grow to become self-sufficient and prepared for life, community and career. OurFuturePGH allows families and community organizations to easily find resources and programs for children and youth from the City of Pittsburgh.”  

The website also includes additional resources from outside community partners for families that address needs such as technology, school options, parenting resources and more, particularly during the pandemic. 


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Molly Onufer
Communications Director
Mayor's Office