Mayor Peduto Urges More Federal Support for Urban Forests

PITTSBURGH, PA (April 21, 2021) Mayor William Peduto delivered a letter to the White House today on behalf of 34 cities and counties across the US calling on more federal support for urban forests and their role in public health, equitable communities and economic vitality. 

Mayor Peduto issued the letter in conjunction with Trees for Urban Recovery, a consortium of cities, counties and community and conservation organizations seeking to advance a government-wide increase for urban and community forestry in the President’s budget and to start a dialogue on how it can further support urban and community trees. 

“As mayors committed to a better future for our cities, we thank you for advancing actions and policies that prioritize climate change and economic recovery with a strong focus on equity. As part of that commitment, we recognize the critical importance of city and community trees to economic vitality, public health, environmental justice, and effective climate action. Our urban and community forests are vital to combating climate change, creating good paying jobs, and building more equitable communities. For these nature-based solutions to flourish and for their much-needed economic and climate benefits to be realized by neighborhoods in greatest need, a decisive new approach is required. We write today to urge you to work with us to develop a robust whole-of-government partnership with the renewed federal resolve and increased Fiscal Year 2022 resources this effort will require to meet your recovery, climate, and equity goals in our jurisdictions,” the letter says.

Mayor Peduto issued the letter as part of the City of Pittsburgh’s Earth Day commitments in 2021, which include efforts to increase electric vehicle charging stations, a new deconstruction initiative for the reuse of building materials, outdoor recreation opportunities for youth, and a new Executive Order on climate change that will be issued on Earth Day tomorrow. 

Others in Trees for Urban Recovery include American Forests, the Trust for Public Land, Urban Drawdown Initiative, and Davey Resource Group. The Urban Sustainability Directors Network is providing local government organizing support. 



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Timothy McNulty
Communications Director
Mayor's Office