Pittsburgh Launches Innovative Mobility and Equity Initiatives Move PGH and Universal Basic Mobility

PITTSBURGH, PA (July 9, 2021) Mayor William Peduto joined the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) and partners today in launching Move PGH – a first of its kind Mobility as a Service (MaaS) system. Move PGH integrates transit and shared mobility in both physical and digital “mobility hubs” making multimodal travel in the city easy and convenient.  

This new system of integrated services enables the second program, a “Universal Basic Mobility” pilot, which will provide up to 100 local low-income residents with monthly transit subscriptions and shared mobility services to address mobility insecurity.  

Both programs support the City’s equity principles that all Pittsburghers can easily access fresh food, afford basic transportation and safe travel without reliance on a vehicle.  

"Transportation mobility is key to economic mobility and a major determinant in household health, education, and welfare. In Pittsburgh, too many residents are one missed bus or one flat tire away from losing their job or missing a critical appointment,” said Mayor Peduto. “Universal Basic Mobility, using the services of Move PGH, will demonstrate that when people have a readily available transportation back-up plan they are able to access more opportunities and climb the economic ladder.” 

Move PGH is the first integrated MaaS project in the U.S. to connect traditional and emerging low-cost, shared transportation options into a single, easy to use system. Travelers can find a bus, bike, scooter, moped, car or shared ride using the Transit app or by visiting one of the 50 new mobility hubs throughout the city.  

The two initiatives are the result of more than two years of work by a unique public-private-nonprofit partnership. Led by DOMI and built around existing foundational systems of public transit and bike share, Move PGH integrates a coalition of existing and new “last mile” service providers organized by Spin including:  

  • A new fleet of shared low-speed electric scooters provided by Spin 
  • Expanded carshare services provided by Zipcar 
  • A fleet of electric mopeds by Scoobi 
  • Carpool matching and commuting services facilitated through Waze Carpool 
  • Electric charging for e-scooters provided by Swiftmile 
  • Real time transit and mobility information on TransitScreens at mobility hubs 
  • Trip planning and most trip booking available through Transit

In addition to improving transportation flexibility and resiliency for the general public, the Move PGH Universal Basic Mobility demonstration will specifically test if reliable access to transit and a range of shared mobility options improves employment and health outcomes for low-income workers and their households.  

Grant funding will cover the cost of monthly subscriptions to Move PGH partner services for 100 low-income individuals for six months. The Manchester Citizens Corporation will further support these individuals with “trip coaching” to ensure they know how to use the various services. Spin is providing funding to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and will also be working with Urban Institute to evaluate the demonstration to potentially serve as a national model.  

Move PGH and the Universal Basic Mobility demonstration are funded by the Richard King Mellon Foundation and Spin, in partnership with InnovatePGH.  


Additional Comments from Move PGH Partners:

Bike Share Pittsburgh, Healthy Ride 

“Healthy Ride has had the honor of working with Pittsburgh communities for the past six years to build a more equitable bike share program,” said David White, Executive Director, Bike Share Pittsburgh. “We’ve more than doubled our network while prioritizing marginalized communities, established a Community Coalition of partners who inform major organizational decisions, and are re-building our system in 2022 to include e-bikes that will make it easier for more people to utilize bikes to get around. Pittsburghers deserve more ways to get around, and we’re excited to be a part of this inclusive network of services. 


“InnovatePGH’s mission to accelerate Pittsburgh’s standing as a global innovation hub requires exactly the type of next-generation mobility solutions provided by Move PGH; we are thrilled to be a member of the coalition,” said Sean Luther, Executive Director of InnovatePGH. “As the fiscal sponsor for this exciting public/private partnership, we are particularly grateful to the R.K. Mellon Foundation and the New Urban Mobility Alliance, whose generosity will make getting around our city easier and more joyful for all Pittsburghers.” 

New Urban Mobility Alliance (NUMO)  

“NUMO strongly supports innovative and inclusive public-private partnerships like Move PGH,” said Harriet Tregoning, Director of NUMO, “which is unique in its approach to improve access to mobility for Pittsburgh residents by bringing private new mobility services, city agencies and the broader community together. Tackling systemic transportation inequities means addressing how lack of access to transportation options limits access to jobs, inhibits economic mobility and makes it challenging for residents to get where they need to go safely, conveniently and affordably. With the launch of the city’s mobility hub network, and collaborating with public transit, bike share and a diverse suite of mobility services options, Pittsburgh is demonstrating its commitment to building an integrated, multimodal transportation system that is accessible to all and can lead to more equitable outcomes.”

Port Authority  

"Real accessibility means having the freedom to go where you want to go and the ability to get there," said Port Authority CEO Katharine Kelleman. "Port Authority is proud to provide the access, and we're excited for Move PGH, together with Transit, to offer the options. We may be the primary agency that moves our region forward, but we're happy that our riders have so many other reliable transit options that allow them to be able to access our region. 


“We’re looking forward to the addition of new electric form factors and other mobility providers  improving local transportation systems through this collaborative effort to reduce roadway congestion and carbon emissions as Pittsburgh continues its transformation into a more sustainable City,” stated Scoobi Founder, Michael Moran.  “We’re also excited to announce the pending launch of our reengineered mobile app, a 50% increase of our vehicle fleet with the addition of new service areas, and a number programs to increase mobility access to underserved neighborhoods.” 


"Making mobility cleaner, more equitable, and more reliable is central to Spin's mission; participating in this first-of-its-kind project gets us that much closer,” said Ben Bear, CEO of Spin. “As a Pittsburgh native, it's been rewarding to be able to launch our pilot, and watch this project come to fruition giving residents a suite of options making it as easy to get around without a car as it is with a car. What I’m most proud of is that the City is pioneering a universal basic mobility pilot that will give a group of low-income residents access to Move PGH. We hope Move PGH can become a model for how micromobility operators can collaborate with cities and other mobility companies to better serve the public."


“Bringing multiple mobility options together for better trips is what Transit does best, and we’re excited to be part of the City’s launch of Move PGH,” said David Block-Schachter, Chief Business Officer at Transit. “Move PGH brought together all the mobility options available in Pittsburgh, and with the addition of Mobility Hub locations directly on our map, Pittsburghers have everything they need to get the most out of Move PGH.” 

Waze Carpool 

“The City of Pittsburgh is helping to create a more mobile, equitable and safe environment for its residents, which is why Waze is excited to partner on the launch of Move PGH. At Waze, we are committed to ending traffic together, and we could not do that without the support of cities like Pittsburgh,” said Adam Fried, Head of Global Partnerships at Waze. “Waze Carpool makes it easy and fun for Wazers to commute together, saving Pittsburghers time and money. Drivers and riders with similar origins and destinations in Pittsburgh will be matched, helping to reduce strain on the roads and the environment throughout the city.” 


“Zipcar is proud to be part of Pittsburgh’s coalition of transportation providers, expanding access to mobility for Pittsburgh residents,” said Justin Holmes, Vice President, Marketing and Public Policy, Zipcar. “We are dedicated to providing convenient and affordable mobility solutions to the city, especially to those without easy access to vehicles or alternative modes of transportation. Whether it be for essential trips or travel beyond the city limits to see family and friends, Zipcar is here to support.” 



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