Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief Equity Officer Announces Departure from City Government Next Month

PITTSBURGH, PA (August 10, 2021) The City of Pittsburgh Office of Mayor William Peduto’s Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief Equity Officer Majestic Lane has announced he will be leaving his positions with the City next month.  

“Majestic has been an invaluable leader and part of our team these past five years,” said Mayor Peduto. “His work has changed the way Pittsburgh makes decisions to implement equitable policy and investments and support community-driven development. Under his leadership, we introduced Pittsburgh’s first Office of Equity. Majestic has set a new, higher standard for how cities can institutionalize prioritizing equity. It has been my honor to work with such a thoughtful, intentional colleague and wish him the best in continuing to raise the standards for equity in our region.”

Chief Lane joined Mayor Peduto’s administration as the Deputy Chief of the Bureau of Neighborhood Empowerment in 2016. He became the Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief Equity Officer in 2019, where he oversaw the launch of, and managed, the Office of Equity, the fifth such office in the United States. 

In his time with the City, Chief Lane has led the administration’s focus on using a lens of equity when making policy, development and economic decisions, keeping in mind that government affects people, not just places. He used his people-centered approach to leverage opportunities for government to provide help and guidance to lift the voices of underserved and underinvested neighborhoods to advocate for community-driven development.  

Chief Lane led the City’s engagement with national organizations on equity and inclusion strategies, including the Government Alliance for Race and Equity, National League of Cities, Global Lead City Network and more. He worked with all City departments to establish processes to ensure that during the planning process, budget investments and decisions actively consider equity and how decisions will affect Black and Brown communities.

Of his leadership in the Office of Equity, Chief Lane said, “We infuse our work with the belief that our young people and children, especially Black young men and boys, and women of all ages deserve access to opportunities to succeed. All persons in our city deserve to feel respected, safe and welcome regardless of their race, identity, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, place of origin, housing status, substance use, age or veteran status. Our small businesses, especially those owned by minorities and women, deserve support to succeed to make our neighborhoods, communities and economy stronger.   

“We believe this work is dignifying and important for the City of Pittsburgh. This work is done in collaboration and partnership with all City departments, governmental agencies, local community organizations, and national organizations through creating policy, programs, and services that put people first.” 

The numerous projects Chief Lane has completed and overseen in his five years with the City include:  

  • Served on the Affordable Housing Task Force 
  • Assisted setting up with Housing Opportunity Fund, dedicating $10 million a year for the development and preservation of affordable housing citywide 
  • Innovated the P4 Framework for City decisions to support people, planet, place and performance 
  • Established the Housing Assistance Resource Portal 
  • Created the Office of Business Diversity, which helped institutionalize and increased minority and women-owned business (MWBE) contracting with the City
  • Launched the Office of Community Health and Safety  
  • Introduced the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for the City to follow  
  • Coordinated community-police relations initiatives 
  • Set up the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative Coordinator position for the City
  • Instituted Financial Empowerment Centers 
  • Started the creation of digital equity initiatives like Rec2Tech  

Chief Lane also served on the Board of Directors for the Housing Authority for the City of Pittsburgh, Partner4Work, Green Building Alliance and others.  

His final day with the City will be on September 17, 2021. He will take on the role of Chief Equity Officer for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development on October 18. 


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Molly Onufer
Communications Director
Mayor's Office