City Proposes Adding Over 85 Streets to 2021 Paving Schedule

PITTSBURGH, PA (August 23, 2021) The Office of Mayor William Peduto announced today that they have submitted legislation to transfer an additional $4.7 million into the 2021 budget for paving, ADA curb ramp upgrades on paved streets, and repair of concrete, brick and block stone streets throughout Pittsburgh. The funding would cover adding over 85 streets for the paving schedule for this year. 

The legislation will be introduced to City Council at their regular meeting on Tuesday.  

The following streets have been proposed to be resurfaced through this funding: 

Street  From To
20th Street Smallman Street Penn Avenue
44th Street Butler  Davison 
44th Street Sherrod  Penn
5th Avenue Bellefield Ruskin
Arlington  Patch at Amanda Patch at Locust
Bantam Way Dunster Dead End
Beechwood Northumberland Wilkins
Burham Sumner Eleanor
Calvin 44th 42nd
Carnahan  Winchester Crane Avenue
Cassina Way Dunfermline Homewood Avenue
Chalfont Street Gearing Street Estella Avenue
Clarendon S Fairmont Roup (both dead ends)
Clawson Street Hamilton Avenue Dead End
Climax Street Blanco Way Taft Avenue
Daleland Avacoll Dead End
Dix Way Ashley Street Paulson Avenue
East Kennedy Avenue Perrysville Avenue Goshen Street
Eckert Lecky Beaver/Preble
Ellsworth Ave Morewood Amberson
Elmbank End Newly incorpoated segment
Exeter Tesla (DE) Frank Street
Farmington Park Entrance Simona Drive
Frampton Avenue Buffington Avenue Taft Ave
Goshen Street Kennedy Avenue Hawkins Avenue
Hazeldell Street Campo Way Duffland
Highwood Street Shadeland Avenue Dead End
Hilton Street Wymann Herschell
Homestead Commercial Street Nevada Street
Idlewild Street Homewood Avenue Sterrett Street
Ingomar Wenzell Avenue Dead End
Isabella  Federal Sandusky
Ivory Avenue Peachtree Avenue Rodenbaugh Avenue
Juniata Street Manhattan Chateau
Kensington Street South Braddock Montrose Street
Kirsopp 1200 Block Crane Avenue
Kohne Fisher Henger
Liliac Graphic Delevan
Los Angeles Avenue Crosby Shiras
Lowell  Shetland  Renfrew
Manetto Way Station Rodman
Mapledale Street    
Marland Way Wayside Dead End
Metber Alley Mary Street Margaret Street
North Meadowcroft 2400 Block  
North Taylor Avenue Day Way Buena Vista Street
North Homewood Avenue Hermitage Street Upland Street
Northumberland Denniston Shady Avenue
Omaha Street Merrimac Bigham
Overbrook Boulevard Sawmill Blvd Fairland
Overlook Drrive Panther Hollow Road Schenley Oval Turnaround
Paul Place    
Perry Street Wylie Webster
Perrysville Avenue Charles Street Marshall Avenue
Reamer Brookline Boulevard Altmar
Renfrew  Vanilla Way Winfield
South Aiken Avenue Ellsworth Baum
Sapphire Way Panama Lorigan
Schenley Drrive Lower Golf Course  
Sheffield Chateau Manhattan
Sheridan Senior Center Lot    
Sherlock Street Kennedy Avenue Hawkins Avenue
Siebert Main  
Stock Street Ollie McElhinney Avenue
Summit 43rd  44th
Tecumseh Langhorn Gertrude
Texola  Castlegate Ave Briar Way
Traynor Way Deely Street Dead End
Viola Way Watson Catoctin
Walde Street Otilla Farina
Wandless Wylie Centre
Wellington Sterling Clover
Wickliff   53rd 54th
Wilbur Grogan Georgia
Winfield  Shetland  To Renfrew
Wooster Wylie Webster

The proposed budget includes adding the following mechanical patching:  

Street  From To
Chartiers Corliss  
Juniata Street Manhattan Fulton Street
Manhattan Street Sheffield Stedman
Pennsylvania Ave Brighton Road Allegheny Avenue
Webster Wandless  
Wilkins 5th Beeler
Whited Street Sawmill Run  Brookline Boulevard
Panther Hollow Road Schenley Drrive Panther Hollow Bridge
NorthHomewood Avenue Cassina  

The funding also includes brick replacement work on Grant Street at Oliver Avenue. 


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Molly Onufer
Communications Director
Mayor's Office