City to Expand Electric Vehicle Fleet with 36 New Electric Vehicles

PITTSBURGH, PA (August 24, 2021) Mayor William Peduto put forward legislation today to increase the capital equipment acquisition budget by $7.6 million, for a total of $10.4 million, to expand the City’s electric vehicle fleet with funding from the American Rescue Plan.  

The funding includes the purchase of five electric refuse packers and two electric recycling packers, the first in the City of Pittsburgh. It also proposes purchasing:  

  • 2 Electric DPW Forestry Pickup Trucks 
  • 1 Electric Parks & Rec Pickup Truck 
  • 5 Electric DPW Facilities Pickup Trucks 
  • 3 Electric DPW Facilities Vans 
  • 2 Electric Motor Pool Vehicles 
  • 13 Electric PLI Inspector Vehicles 
  • 3 Electric DOMI Pickup Trucks 

The funding includes additional electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the City. The investment supports the goals laid out in the City’s Climate Action Plan 3.0 to operate a fossil-fuel-free fleet and reduce transportation emissions by 2030.  

The legislation also includes using American Rescue Plan funding to purchase two aerial fire trucks and one pumper fire truck.  


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Molly Onufer
Communications Director
Mayor's Office