Milling and Paving Resume Monday

PITTSBURGH, PA (October 8, 2021) The City of Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) is continuing its 2021 milling and paving program next week.    

Streets being milled include: 44th St, Sapphire Way, Calvin, Siebert, Garden Way, Henderson St, Belleau St, Letsche St, Mercy St, Lockway East, Ridge Ave, Massachusetts Ave, Brandon Rd, Roosevelt Ave, Kearns Ave, Kemp St, New York St, Adolph St, Forbes Ave, Centre Ave, Maddock Pl, Gilboa Way, Oakrdige St, Broadway Ave, Ingomar St, Fitch Way, Wabash St, Homestead, Exposition Way and Nantasket St.

Streets being paved include: Webster, Wilmar St, Omaha St, Kohlmeyers Ln, River Ave, 19 Waterfront Dr, 44th St, Sapphire Way, Calvin, Siebert, Garden Way, 3 Rivers Heritage Trail, Lockway East, Ridge Ave, Centre Ave, Maddock Pl, Forbes Ave, Hamilton Ave, Meade St, Cassina Way, Wabash St, Ryolite Way, Clarendon and Beechwood. 

The full paving schedule for the week, including further details on streets and intersections, is available here. Some milling and paving work next week will require overnight work as well as full or partial road closures, which are indicated on the online paving schedule. Partially closed roads will have a flagger or police officer alternating traffic. 

This year the City is investing well over $16 million in the street resurfacing program, which supports asphalt street resurfacing, ADA curb ramp upgrades on paved streets, and repair of concrete, brick and block stone streets throughout Pittsburgh.

Approximately 34 miles of streets will be resurfaced this year. Additional mileage will be resurfaced through cooperation agreements with local public utilities. Mechanical patching will improve many miles more by addressing particular trouble spots on otherwise acceptable street corridors. 

While many residents are continuing to work from home, the City will be continuing extra efforts to notify residents to move their vehicles to enable street resurfacing to proceed. Streets scheduled for resurfacing will be posted weekly on DOMI’s website and will be publicized through city social media channels. 


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Molly Onufer
Communications Director
Mayor's Office