City Seeking Local Landcare Businesses to Manage City-Owned Properties to Remediate Neighborhood Blight

PITTSBURGH, PA (October 15, 2021) The City of Pittsburgh is seeking qualified land care and maintenance businesses to submit applications to assist in the year-round land maintenance of city-owned properties and lots. The City is looking to partner with locally-owned businesses to provide land care to remediate blight in neighborhoods citywide.  

Outside of city parks maintenance, the City contracts land maintenance work to outside vendors and developed this program to invest money into community-based businesses to provide solutions for blighted city-owned properties at a competitive pay rate of $25 per hour.  

The program would assign over 4,400 properties that have been divided geographically into “bundles” of around 200 properties each to multiple businesses. Upon application, businesses can indicate their preferred geographic bundles and how many bundles they are able to manage. Bundles will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.   

Qualified vendors will be responsible for all properties in their assigned bundle(s) and are expected to visit each property at least monthly throughout the year to cut grass, remove litter, weed perimeters, trim tree branches and remove debris. Additional visits may be requested by the City based on community concerns or 311 requests about specific properties.  

The land maintenance program is an initiative of the Office of Mayor William Peduto and the Department of Finance. Vendors will regularly report their progress to the Department of Finance.  

Starting today, applications are being accepted here on a rolling basis on Beacon, the City’s online procurement platform.  

Interested businesses are invited to attend one of three informational meeting to learn more about the program before applying, hosted by the Office of Community Affairs and the Office of Management and Budget Procurement Division. Registration is required and the meetings will be held as follows:  

Land Maintenance RFQ Pre-Bid Meeting #1  (Virtual) 
Date: Tuesday, October 19th   
Time: 6:00 PM   
Location: ZOOM (virtual)   
Register here:  

Land Maintenance RFQ Pre-Bid Meeting #2 (In-Person) 
Wednesday, October 20th   
2:00 PM   
City-County Building 
Register here:  

Land Maintenance RFQ Pre-Bid Meeting #3  (In-Person) 
Thursday, October 28th   
6:00 PM   
City County Building   
Register here: 



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Molly Onufer
Communications Director
Mayor's Office