Mayor Peduto Presents State of the City and 2022 Budgets to City Council

PITTSBURGH, PA (November 8, 2021) Mayor William Peduto formally presented his 2022 budgets to City Council today in his final State of the City Budget Address. He has proposed a $613,226,785 operating budget and $158,619,522 capital budget with no proposed tax increases.  

Despite the financial forecast associated with the long term economic effects of the pandemic, Mayor Peduto’s proposed budgets include historic investments in infrastructure and city assets, including $17.6 million for street paving, concrete slab replacement and ADA ramps; $12.1 million to invest in electric vehicles for the City fleet; funding for the deployment of free blue recycling bins in the south and west neighborhoods; and significant increases in funding for traffic calming and vision zero safety improvements, landslide remediation, parks and recreation centers.  

The budgets include flood control projects on Braywood Way, Dragoon Way, Stewart Avenue and Haverhill Street and landslide remediation on El Paso Street, Serptentine Road Wall, Riverview Park, Mount Washington and Upper Panther Hollow Trail.  

It also includes improvements in the following park facilities:  

  • Olympia Park Building 
  • Herschel Park Field Improvements and Lighting 
  • New Mellon Park Tennis Bubble 
  • Garland Playground Reconstruction 
  • West Penn Playground Reconstruction 
  • Washington's Landing Tennis Court Replacement 
  • Sheraden Park Phase 1 Construction 
  • Arsenal Park Phase 1 Construction 
  • Chadwick Playground 
  • East Hills Playground 
  • Manchester Field Improvements 
  • New Manchester Spray Park 
  • Oakwood Playground 
  • Spring Hill Park Reconstruction 
  • Upper McKinley Playground 
  • McBride Dek Hockey New Bleachers and Lighting 
  • Moore Pool Building Renovations 
  • Oliver Bath House Renovations 
  • Highland Park Tennis Courts Reconstruction 
  • Anderson Playground Reconstruction 
  • Lederman Field Lighting 
  • Four Mile Run Playground Improvements 
  • Lewis Park Improvements 
  • Fort Pitt Park Phase 1 

In addition, the budgets commit funding to the following recreation centers for Rec2Tech:  

  • McKinley Rec Center 
  • Cowley Rec Center 
  • Jefferson Rec Center 
  • Phillips Rec Center 
  • Warrington Rec Center 
  • New Thaddeus Stevens Rec Center  
  • Robert E Williams Rec Center  

The budget also includes traffic signal upgrades at 5th and Shady Avenues, Penn and Highland Avenues, Brownsville Road and McKinley Street and Ellsworth Avenue at Aiken Avenue and these Complete Streets projects: 

  • Penn Avenue Phase 2 Construction 
  • Smithfield Street Phase 1 Construction 
  • Centre Avenue Corridor Improvements 
  • North Avenue Corridor Reconstruction  
  • Allegheny Green Blvd Phase 1 Construction 
  • City facility improvement projects are planned for:  
  • Medic 4 
  • Mellon Park Marshall Mansion 
  • Hazelwood Senior Center 
  • Brighton Heights Senior Center 
  • New Public Works 1st Division  
  • Fire Station 19 Renovations  
  • Fire Station 8/Old Zone 5 Renovations  
  • Saw Mill Run Salt Domes 
  • 62nd Street Warehouse Expansion 
  • City County Building Bathroom Renovations 

In this final State of the Budget Budget Address, Mayor Peduto focused on the foundations his administration has worked on for the past eight years in responsible financial practices, modernizing operations, institutionalizing equity and furthering sustainability. A full transcript of his address is available here. A video of the address will be available on the City Channel Pittsburgh's YouTube channel. 

The 2022 Operating Budget is available here. The 2022 Capital Budget is available here.  




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Molly Onufer
Communications Director
Mayor's Office