Peduto Administration Submits Two Sustainable Procurement Laws

PITTSBURGH, PA (November 12, 2021) The Peduto Administration has introduced two ordinances to City Council to help Pittsburgh transition to sustainable consumption and production through innovative procurement practices. The first ordinance will mandate the use of electronic signatures across City departments and the second addresses sustainable and socially responsible procurement. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Pittsburgh, like workplaces around the world, shifted to policies that ensured continued productivity including the shift to electronic signatures, which helped to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and decrease the likelihood of documents being lost in transit while awaiting signatures. Through two years utilizing DocuSign and electronic signatures, the City has saved approximately: 35,862 lbs. of wood (approximately 108 trees), 105,591 gallons of water (approximately 75 washing machines), 84,174 lbs. of Carbon (approximately 9 cars), and 5,826 lbs. of waste (approximately 96 trash cans). These savings have encouraged a permanent shift to electronic signatures through this ordinance.  

As the second city in the United States to join the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement, the City of Pittsburgh is committed to using its purchasing power to address climate change and advance equity. The Sustainable and Socially Responsible Procurement ordinances will codify the City’s procurement practices, ensuring that tax dollars are used to support environmentally and socially responsible vendors. Other changes include: 

  • A new definition for sustainable procurement  
  • Definitions for environmentally preferable and socially responsible product 
  • Factors for reviewing proposals such as transportation distance and product repurposing 
  • Requirement of a Sustainability, Diversity, and Inclusion profile for some vendors in RFPs and ITQs 
  • Updates to the code related to paper products, electronics, lighting, furniture, and office supplies to match modern environmental standards 

This work is inspired by the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement (GLCN), a group of 15 cities around the world committed to implementing innovative procurement practices to drive the transition to sustainable consumption and production. 

“Our Procurement division has worked to create more equitable and accessible processes for procurement over the past few years and we are pleased to introduce additional sustainability standards so that we are responsibly investing taxpayer money in vendors, companies and products that support our climate action goals,” said Mayor William Peduto.  

Links to each ordinance can be found here and here.  


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Molly Onufer
Communications Director
Mayor's Office