The City of Pittsburgh Releases Community Visioning Studies for the East Hills and Lincoln-Lemington Belmar

The City of Pittsburgh Releases Community Visioning Studies for the East Hills and Lincoln-Lemington Belmar 

PITTSBURGH, PA— The City of Pittsburgh’s Department of City Planning has completed inaugural Neighborhood Visioning Plans for the East Hills and Lincoln-Lemington Belmar neighborhoods. Each plan was developed through a 14-month process with the East Hills Consensus Group and the Lincoln Lemington Collaborative with support from the office of Councilman Rev. Ricky Burgess.   

Neighborhood Visioning allows residents and business and property owners to identify a unified vision for their neighborhood. In doing so, they create and adopt a comprehensive plan that will be the focus of future revitalization and reinvestment actions. The vision is composed of goals, objectives, and values that make up each neighborhood.

“I applaud the East Hills Consensus Group and the Lincoln Lemington Collaborative for their work in developing these Neighborhood Visioning Plans,” said Mayor Ed Gainey. “It is critical that we plan for growth in our communities in a smart, efficient and intentional manner. These plans will help protect the integrity of our neighborhoods.”

“In my experience with neighborhood redevelopment, you have to plan first,” said Councilman Burgess. “Thank you to the East Hills Consensus Group and Lincoln-Lemington Collaborative for their participation, leadership, and commitment to developing a vision for these neighborhoods. These plans provide us with a common vision by which we can collectively support their neighborhood to realize their vision.”  

The plan recommends community, development, mobility, and infrastructure strategies to be implemented over the next two to five years. Each community group will continue to work with the Department of City Planning, organizations, authorities, and other stakeholders to implement these strategies and realize their vision.

East Hills Vision  

East Hills Residents are working toward building a safe, vibrant, and unified neighborhood to offer accessible parks, locally grown businesses, and a variety of housing.  

Lincoln-Lemington Belmar Vision  

Lincoln-Lemington Belmar is a welcoming, family-friendly neighborhood that boasts mixed-income housing, a growing local business community, amenities, safe parks and recreation, and dependable public transportation.  

"A community vision plan is necessary to move a community forward. Working with City Planning has been a process, particularly during COVID,” said Diane Daniels, Founder of the East Hills Consensus Group. “We are excited for the next steps. The implementation means progress and change. Something that's needed in East Hills. Our goal is to become renewed and vibrant.”  

The Department of City Planning strives to build strong connections within Pittsburgh neighborhoods that create belonging and trust among residents. This process was designed to find consensus around each community's values, discover shared goals, and engage residents at every step to ensure they have an active role in their neighborhood’s planning processes.

“The Lincoln-Lemington Collaborative is excited to have completed the Visioning Plan with our neighbors and community organizations. We are looking forward to implementing the plan and working with the community in an effort to build a more unified, safer, and healthier Lincoln-Lemington Belmar,” said Sandra Glass of the Lincoln Lemington Collaborative.

The draft plans are available for review on EngagePGH. 

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