City of Pittsburgh Update Regarding Swindell Bridge

City of Pittsburgh Update Regarding Swindell Bridge

PITTSBURGH — Pursuant to the closure of the Swindell Bridge on Friday, July 1, an emergency inspection was performed over the weekend.

The inspection results found that material from the milling and resurfacing deck repairs was accumulating in the expansion joint drainage trough. The additional weight of the debris caused the trough to tear open and spill onto I-279 Northbound below.

In accordance with the findings of the inspection and the associated recommendations, the bridge will remain closed until the trough can be cleaned and replaced, and the deck milling and paving work is complete. The deck repairs will recommence after the drainage trough is remediated.

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) will be meeting with a bridge contractor this week to discuss the needed trough repairs. However, labor and material availability will need to be confirmed prior to determining the schedule. The City of Pittsburgh will coordinate with PennDOT for any possible traffic impacts to I-279 for the work.

DOMI will continue working with the Bureau of Fire and Public Safety to ensure the needs of residents are being met. “The Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire will continue to meet the high standard of care its constituents expect during the bridge closure. To that end, we have staffed an additional engine to reduce the extended response time caused by the closure of the bridge,” said Fire Chief Darryl Jones.

As part of the emergency inspection, an underbridge crane was used to evaluate the structural components. No additional deterioration or damage was found as a result of this incident.






Maria Montano
Communications Director
Mayor's Office