City of Pittsburgh Announces Mid-Pilot Report for the Move PGH Initiative

City of Pittsburgh Announces Mid-Pilot Report for the Move PGH Initiative

PITTSBURGH — The City of Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) is excited to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the launch of Move PGH with the release of a mid-pilot report. Move PGH was introduced in July 2021 as a two-year pilot to bring together existing and new transit operators to ensure that residents’ experience of our transportation systems is equitable, efficient, and accessible.

The mid-pilot report analyzes the ridership trends of Pittsburgh’s various mobility operators, including Pittsburgh Regional Transit, POGOH bikeshare, Scoobi mopeds, Spin e-scooters, and Zipcar carshare. It also highlights the successes of the first year of the Move PGH program and presents strategies for the future of transit.

In just one year, there have been over 576,700 Spin e-scooter trips; 82,000 trips on POGOH bikes; 8,100 Zipcar trips; and 11,250 trips on shared Scoobi e-mopeds. By replacing private vehicle trips, Spin e-scooter journeys have taken approximately 257,000 vehicle miles off the road and stopped nearly 260,000 pounds, or 130 tons, of CO2 from entering our atmosphere.

Key equity highlights have been DOMI’s work with Spin to create “Access Zones” throughout the City where there are outsized barriers to transportation—rides starting in these zones provide a 25% discount on their total trip; Zipcar piloting placement of vehicles in the Manchester neighborhood—an area characteristically different from their typical deployment areas—with cars in this location having been some of the most utilized in the Pittsburgh market; and the launch of the Guaranteed Basic Mobility pilot—an initiative to study the effects of reducing financial barriers to reliable transportation on an individual’s quality of life and economic mobility.

Other successes of the program include the launch of mobile bus passes by Pittsburgh Regional Transit and the re-launch of the POGOH bikeshare network with new e-assist bikes.

“The mid-pilot report is an important milestone on the path to greater mobility for the residents and visitors of Pittsburgh. Through robust data collection and analysis, we're excited to share the results of the MovePGH pilot program to date, and we know that the best is yet to come,” says Kim Lucas, Director of Mobility and Infrastructure. “DOMI thanks our partners within the Pittsburgh Mobility Collective for their contributions to not only the mid-pilot report, but also their commitment to increasing transportation options for the citizens of Pittsburgh.”

This autumn, DOMI will kick off the second year of the pilot with additional mobility hubs and scooter corrals. Residents can also look forward to fuller integration of new modes of mobility into the Transit app by the end of the year. A final pilot report will be released in 2023.


About Move PGH

Move PGH brings together all of Pittsburgh’s mobility operators into the Pittsburgh Mobility Collective (PMC). The PMC is a partnership of transportation service providers, led by DOMI, designed to ensure that shared mobility services are deployed equitably, efficiently, and cohesively. The PMC is leveraging public-private partnerships to build a better transportation system that integrates Pittsburgh Regional Transit services, shared electric scooters and bicycles, expanded carshare, and carpool services, using a simple trip planning mobile app and on-street locations known as mobility hubs. Individuals can read more about Move PGH here.


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