Statement from Mayor Ed Gainey on Secondary Traffic Stops

Statement from Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey on Secondary Traffic Stops

PITTSBURGH — Mayor Ed Gainey released the following statement on Secondary Traffic Stops:

"We have been very clear with our vision for policing and what we believe is the right role for our officers. We want our officers to be focused on those in our city who are the most violent offenders and are responsible for harming our residents. Secondary traffic stops for minor infractions are not and will never be a part of that focus.

"The memo issued by Acting Chief Stangreki was about one thing — delaying the training around our new city law on secondary stops in order to make sure that the training included information about a new state law.

"We know that secondary stops have a long history of introducing bias and do not create the kind of safety, or build the type of trusting community police relationships our city deserves.

"We fully support the legislation by City Council and plan to work diligently to train our officers on this law."


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Maria Montano
Communications Director
Mayor's Office