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Fatal West End Shooting UPDATE

Date: January 16, 2021
Incident Type: Shooting Update
Location: Zone 6

Update on the shooting/vehicle crash last night in the West End: 

Police can now confirm that the fatal shooting on the 300 block of Stratmore Street was connected to the two-vehicle crash shortly after on Middletown Road at Berry Street.

A male was transported from Stratmore in critical condition, but later succumbed to his injuries. Another male who was transported from Middletown/Berry was in critical condition. No arrests have been made, but police continue to actively investigate. For more details, see the Public Safety Blotter: 

Regarding the crash: A review of bodycam footage shows that as the first officers arrived on scene, one immediately called for EMS to be dispatched while a second officer told other officers that they had to get the victim out of the car. Together, they removed him from the vehicle, laid him on the ground and began performing lifesaving measures. They located the victim’s gunshot wounds and used tactical gauze to try to stop the bleeding. They quickly determined the victim was suffering from a sucking chest wound and applied a patch to his chest to remedy it, and did the same for a wound on his back. They used a bag valve mask to assist the victim’s breathing, and prepared to do CPR until EMS arrived and Medics took over. 

It should be noted that the driver of the second vehicle -- which rolled after the first vehicle crashed into it -- was an off-duty Pittsburgh Police detective who climbed out of the vehicle and joined fellow officers in rendering aid to the shooting victim. Fortunately, the detective was not seriously injured.  

These officers performed valiantly under difficult conditions to keep the victim alive. They should be applauded and recognized for their heroic actions. PBP officers are First Responders who perform lifesaving actions on a daily basis, and never seek recognition or praise. This is simply what they do and who they are. 

If anyone has any information on this shooting and crash, please call Major Crimes at (412) 323-7161. Callers can remain anonymous. 

Reporting PIO:
Chris Togneri