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Multiple Vehicles Collide in Chain Reaction CollisionĀ on Route 28

Date: June 16, 2021
Incident Type: Collisions
Location: Zone 1

At around 5:40 p.m. Pittsburgh Police from Zone 1, Fire and EMS responded to Route 28 at the 31st Bridge for a vehicle collision that set off a chain reaction.

First responders on scene discovered that there had been three collisions involving a total of 9 vehicles.

EMS Rescue 1 and multiple medic units responded. One patient was transported to the hospital in stable condition. There were no major injuries.

Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire cleaned up as many as 30 gallons of diesel fuel that had spilled.

In addition to the initial collisions, a Zone 2 unit responding to the scene from the Strip District crossed the bridge with lights and sirens on and was struck by a civilian vehicle.

There were no injuries to either the civilian or the officer, but the police vehicle had to be towed.

The investigation is ongoing.

Reporting PIO:
Cara Cruz