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The City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Releases Numbers from the Second Round of Abandoned Vehicle Blitz

Date: June 24, 2021
Incident Type: Abandoned Vehicles Removed
Location: Zone 5

The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police continued its blitz to remove abandoned vehicles from City streets. The 2-day blitz hit streets in the Homewood, Morningside, Lincoln-Lemington, and Garfield neighborhoods.

Police initially investigated 102 complaints to the City’s 3-1-1 system for abandoned vehicles in these neighborhoods.

Through the efforts of Motorcycle Units and Abandoned Vehicle Officers from multiple police zones, a total of 102 complaints were addressed, which resulted in:

  • 39 vehicles towed
  • 11 registered letters that will be sent for vehicles that met the criteria for towing as abandoned, but not more than 90 days expired, which can be towed immediately.
  • 49 of the complaints were cleared either because the vehicle had already been removed, or was legally registered.
  • 1 could not be towed due to its condition.
  • 2 were remanded back to the Zone 5 AVO to be towed in the future.

Police thank Pittsburgh residents for their cooperation in this effort.

Reporting PIO:
Maurice Matthews