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Fireworks Task Force Enforcement Continues on Independence Day

Date: July 4, 2021
Incident Type: Fireworks complaints
Location: Citywide

The Fireworks Task Force continues with its enforcement initiative that began on June 22 and last night was its busiest night yet, responding to 88 fireworks-related complaints overnight, with two notable incidents.

At Brashear High School, a large display of fireworks was set off in the basketball court and the cardboard boxes/cartons they were housed in caught fire, causing minor damage to the court.

About seven cartons or boxes of fireworks were set off in Brookline Park, causing the trash cans they were piled next to to catch fire. 

The task force issued 34 warnings.

Although fireworks may now be legal to purchase, it is not legal to discharge them within 150 feet of a structure.

They are also not permitted for use in any City park, ball field, or any City-owned property. The task force can issue warnings, but subsequent calls to the same address may result in $100 citations and confiscation of the fireworks.

The Fireworks Task Force is comprised of eight members from the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire. 

Public Safety wishes everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July.

Reporting PIO:
Cara Cruz