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Pittsburgh Police Release Uniform Crime Report Statistics for September 2021 and Year-to-Date through 3rd Quarter 2021

Date: November 29, 2021
Incident Type: UCR Statistics
Location: All Zones
The Pittsburgh Police Crime Analysis Unit has released the Uniform Crime Report ( UCR) statistics sheets for September 2021 and Year-To-Date through the 3rd Quarter 2021.

In summary, Part 1 Violent Crime in September showed an increase of 3.4% compared to August, while Part 1 Property Crime showed a decrease of 4.9%. Both are appreciably below the 5-year September average, -16.8 and -38.3% respectively. 


Through the 3rd Quarter 2021, there was a 6.2% increase from the 3rd Quarter 2020, but a 14.3% decrease from the 5-year 3rd Quarter average. 


Part 1 Violent Crime is up 4.3% from 3rd Quarter 2020, but down 19.5% from the 5-year 3rd Quarter average.  


Part 1 Property Crimes are down compared to both 2020 & the 5-year average, -2.3% & -28.2% respectively.





Reporting PIO:
Maurice Matthews