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Police Respond to Threatening Male inside Shadyside Business

Date: July 17, 2019
Incident Type: Aggravated Assault
Location: Zone 4

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police officers from Zone 4 responded to a call for a disorderly male inside X Shadyside, a gym located at 5608 Walnut Street, just after 9:30 p.m. on July 17.

The call was later upgraded to a male with a weapon who was threatening people inside.

Upon arriving on scene, officers spoke with complainants who worked at the gym. They stated that a male walked into the premises barefoot, smoking a cigarette, and demanded to see the owner. He stated that he was owed money. Employees told the male suspect that the owner was not at the gym. They say he then grew more irate and threatened them stating, "I will blow this place up." 

The male was asked to leave several times, but refused. One complainant said the male then pulled out a knife and lunged at a front desk employee, verbally threatening her. While holding the knife he demanded $100. 

More gym patrons and employees gathered to try to deescalate the situation. Asked again to put out his cigarette, the male extinguished it in an upholstered bench. One male employee attempted to negotiate with the male to put down the knife, eventually convincing him to place it on the ground. 

The male was later identified by the gym's owner as a former employee who had been fired. 

Police arrested Daniel Abebe, 56, of Pittsburgh. He faces multiple charges and is currently being held at Allegheny County Jail.


Reporting PIO:
Cara Cruz