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UPDATE: Police Respond to Two Firework Incidents During Otherwise Uneventful 4th of July Festivities

Date: July 4, 2022
Incident Type: Firework Explosions
Location: Pittsburgh

While on foot patrol on July 4th, 2022, an officer observed an explosion in the area of Gate A behind Heinz Field. The officer found that a nearby tent also had blast marks. 

Shortly afterwards, officers heard a second explosion along the river trail, which was determined to have come from a dumpster underneath the Mr. Rogers statue. Witnesses stated they saw someone throw an explosive into a dumpster. 

EOD and arson investigators arrived and processed the scenes. The investigation into both incidents is ongoing. 


From June 27 until July 6, the 2022 Fireworks Task Force responded to 227 calls for service.

Two citations were issued for setting off fireworks in City ball fields, which resulted in a brush fire.  

A person for setting off fireworks that caused a wooden fence to catch on fire was also cited by the Fire Investigation Unit.

Fire Investigation Unit responded to seven other calls related to brush fires and discarded firework materials burning in dumpsters.

Pittsburgh Firefighters responded to several brush, dumpster, and other fires that FIU were not called to.


Reporting PIO:
Amanda Mueller